temperature sensitive promotional products from the
colour change specialists

B&H Colourchange is part of the
Hallcrest Group who specialise in the production of Thermochromic, Photochromic and Hydrochromic materials used throughout the Industrial, Medical, Food & Beverage Sectors.

Winner of three prestigious DTI 'Smart' Awards, B&H Colour Change is a world leader in the research and production of Thermochromic and Liquid Crystal products and has been at the forefront of specialist ink techniques for over 25 years producing a breadth of ideas from new safety products to cleverly devised promotions with 'Smart' colour changing technology.

During this time the Company's innovation and creativity has led to B&H winning numerous industry awards.

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Muse: Special Edition Album Cover

The packaging features an impressive thermchromic colour changing heat reactive lift off lid...

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